Endnotes (+)

In our Fall 2015 issue, we asked alumni to share what they would do if they had no limits. We printed only a few of the responses we received. Here are several more, some of which were edited for grammar, spelling, length, and clarity.

If you had no limits, what would you do, build, or explore?


Build a faster-than-light spacecraft and explore the universe.

Establish a settlement on the moon.

I would want to unify physics, biology, and psychology to answer the three biggest questions about our world: 1. How did the universe arise? 2. How did life arise? 3. How did consciousness arise?

I would build a public college or university where talented students could attend without paying tuition or fees.

Build a diagnostic tool to determine what mental illness a person has, whether a person is getting better or worse, and whether treatment is effective.

Go back_otl_hex

Since 1984, my dream has been to work on the development of the first-generation artificial intelligence system capable of guiding the development of a second-generation AI system that exceeds the capabilities of humans.

peace2I would end all wars, fighting, terrorism, crime, poverty and suffering—forever. I would change people so they accept other people as they are without trying to convert them to their beliefs.

I would expand to fill the universe.