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Blue-Sky Thinking

Cyrus Behroozi (BS ’97)

Cyrus Behroozi wants to connect the whole world to the Internet. “Two-thirds of the world’s population still doesn’t have access,” says Behroozi, an engineer with Google[x], the Internet giant’s experimental division. “It’s easy to think of the Internet as a luxury, but it’s now so deeply tied to economic development.” Considering that Google[x] is most widely known for engineering the driverless car, its solution to global connectivity might seem charmingly low-tech: balloons.

Snake-Bite Science

Steven Sogo (MS ’89) and Samantha Piszkiewicz (BS ’14)

Steven Sogo, a science teacher at Laguna Beach High School, had become frustrated by his chemistry curriculum. On paper, his students performed well in science placement exams, but still, he was troubled. “The type of students who scored high knew how to memorize facts and take tests, but they weren’t necessarily good scientists,” Sogo says. “I wanted to teach a class that rewarded curiosity, experimentation, and the risk of failure.”

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