Then and Now

A look at Caltech’s earliest days and the leaps and bounds it—along with technology, science, and society—has made during the Institute’s first 125 years.

Interacting with History

The history of Caltech is one of intriguing people, significant places, and some very unique things . . . all of which will be profiled in the Institute’s new interactive history map.

Passing the Torch

For hundreds of Caltech undergraduates, summer means SURFing with the Institute’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships.

Caltech as Living History

To mark the 50th anniversary of the addition of social sciences to the humanities at Caltech, a professor emeritus celebrates the rich history of HSS.


A Seismo Lab Comes Home

Random Walk

Jupiter in July • Science in Art • Techer in Court • And More

In Memoriam

Tom M. Apostol • Charles W. Peck • Gerald J. Wasserburg • Simon “Si” Ramo • Ahmed Zewail


In honor of Caltech’s 125th, we asked alumni: What’s your favorite Caltech story, personal or historical?

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“The Universe Has Spoken”

How Caltech researchers used numerical relativity to help understand the ripples in spacetime predicted by general relativity.

Nine Things to Know About Planet Nine

From its mass to its orbit, here are some of the things Caltech astronomers are finding out about Pluto’s possible replacement.

Threading the Needle

Biologist David Baltimore talks about the abundant promise and potential perils of the gene-editing technique CRISPR-Cas9.

Special Delivery

Whether they’re landing rovers on Mars, collecting data in hard-to-reach locales, or shepherding drugs to the brain, Caltech researchers are thinking about about transportation in unexpected ways.

The Next Big Thing

The future is bright for those about to become altech’s newest alumni, who talked to us about the big ideas they’ll be pursuing next.


The History of the Caltech Y.


We asked alumni, “What will be the next big thing in science or engineering?” Here’s what some of them came up with.

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